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Uncle Sam I Dont Wanna See You Again Mp3

sam uncle - i dont ever wanna see you again
Song Lyrics
sam uncle - i dont ever wanna see you again
early one morning while you were asleep
I recieved a letter but there was no adressee
So I paid it no mind in fact
I wanted to send it back
But something that I was feeling said open it
It said dear reader once close friend of mine I hope that this letter finds you
in time cuz your love is ending and my life's just beginning with a woman that I
know you hold dear to you
and it made me wanna say

Chorus: I don't ever wanna see you again
But I stuck by you till the end and my conscience is clear and I can move on
from here but I wish I could say the same for you baby
I don't ever wanna see you again tell me why did it have to be my best friend
that you were messin round with, didn't wanna notice it I was true to my love
for you

I took me a minute to wake up and see what the love of my life was doing to me I
wanted lay down and die cuz my pride wouldn't let me cry but somehow I knew I
had to get over it he siad he couldn't understand until he felt your touch now
he could see why I loved you so much and that's so unfair I never thought I'd
have to share your love that I thought was given to only me and that's why..


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