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Mr Shadow Apocalypse Mp3

mr shadow - apocalypse
Song Lyrics
mr shadow - apocalypse
feat. Lil' Rob

[Mr. Shadow]
If your ass wants to live another day
Get the fuck out of my way when I lyricly slay
Bring it on all my foes
Mr. Shadow be the one killing mothafuckas
Like told shove em all in holes
Lke a ghost i'ma hauncha mothafuckas make the stories tie
I can hear the cries I sing when you bring it with more jealousy
I give a bullet and begin to do the fool like I do that vatos mine
To the night with a sight when
I look the moon is full and get tool and look for my foe
Got that five footed star on my chest so you know what I'm looking for
Murder you heard of me makin it dark like an eclips
Like "Tales From the Crypt" I come equipped with the triple six
And I'm bound to get sick
It's The evilest lyricist bringing this wickedness nemisis
Giant on my premisis withnessin part like the Exorcist
Cause I'm comin to get em like every day
You run and you can hide but you won't get away
It's the game that I play like the quija board
You can't see me but you will believe me, and need me
If you look a little closer you can see The Shadow of a demon appearin
I'm hearing the voices that tell me to do the evil shit that I do
And you know that I'm due so I do when I cast my spell on you
The evilness just fell on you and I'm the perfect fool to wish HELL ON YOU

[Demon Voices]
Tonight, 781 to your area
You know it's gonna happen tonight
But of course, 781 to your area

[Lil' Rob]
Creepin up on your ass you won't even see or hear me coming
Be running I'm becoming some thing evil fuck people fuck sequals
Got to get the murder done now, all I see is the fear in your eyes
Your tempature rise, You're terrorized
Don't be surprised,
mr shadow - apocalypse
Mp3: Mr Shadow Feat Lil Rob Apocalypse mp3
Artist: Mr Shadow
Song: Feat Lil Rob Apocalypse
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Mp3 320kbps: Download

mr shadow - apocalypse
Mp3: Mr Shadow Featuring Lil Rob Apocalypse Corrected mp3
Artist: Mr Shadow
Song: Featuring Lil Rob Apocalypse Corrected
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Mp3 320kbps: Download

mr shadow - apocalypse
Mp3: Mr Shadow Apocalypse mp3
Artist: Mr Shadow
Song: Apocalypse
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Mp3 320kbps: Download

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