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Dave Hollister My Favorite Girl Mp3

dave hollister - im sorry (my favorite girl remix)
Song Lyrics
dave hollister - im sorry (my favorite girl remix)

Baby listen to me for just 1 second
I'm sorry
What happened between me and her
It's over

Verse 1

I was wrong..em
I let a lonly night get between us em em
When you were out of town i creeped on you
But then shorty em em
She didn't mean anything to me
I little my little man think
Messed up our family
Please forgive me baby it's over
This is what i told her


Don't call me no more (no no)
Forget my number (forget my number girl)
I'm with my favourite girl (emm)
She's the women that i love
I know i was wrong (i was wrong)
Making love to her and gettin you strung
I'm with my favourite girl
She's the one that i adore

Verse 2

I was so damn wrong lady
I let you down a brought tears to your eyes
But even then you stayed in my corner
Now i can't ... i can't imagine life without you
Cause your the best thing that ever happened to me
That's why i had to tell her...don't call me no more

Chorus (ad libs change)


So don't leave me baby i'm down on my knees
But it's over i told her...(she's the one that i adore)
Let me dry your tears cause i feel your pain
But it's over she knows...(she's the one that i adore)
There's no more tears to cry for you
And it hurts me more than you'll ever know
And i said this to her...(she's the one that i)...adoooorrrre

Chorus (ad libs change)

[repeat to fade]
Dave Hollister - I M Sorry Favorite Girl Pt 2
Mp3: Dave Hollister - I M Sorry Favorite Girl Pt 2 mp3
Artist: Dave Hollister
Song: I M Sorry Favorite Girl Pt 2
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Mp3 320kbps: Download

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