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Sam Smith - Stay With Me
Mp3: Sam Smith - Stay With Me mp3
Artist: Sam Smith
Song: Stay With Me
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
"Stay with Me" is a single by British singer-songwriter Sam Smith, as the third single from his debut studio album In the Lonely Hour (2014). The song will be released in the United Kingdom as a digital download on 18 May 2014.

Jason Derulo - Vertigo
Mp3: Jason Derulo - Vertigo mp3
Artist: Jason Derulo
Song: Vertigo
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Jason Derulo is head over heels in love with Jordin Sparks and their real-life chemistry is obvious on pretty Tattoos ballad "Vertigo". The 23-year-old veers away from his usual urban-dance output, showcasing his impressive pipes on the minimally-produced love song.

Christina Aguilera - Say Something (ft. A Great Big World)
Mp3: Christina Aguilera - Say Something (ft. A Great Big World) mp3
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Song: Say Something (ft. A Great Big World)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Unless you've been living underneath a giant lotus, you already know that Christina Aguilera recently re-recorded A Great Big World's "Say Something." It's beautiful — no matter what they say. (SAY!)

The Human League - Dont You Want Me
Mp3: The Human League - Dont You Want Me mp3
Artist: The Human League
Song: Dont You Want Me
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
The track is popular with the club"s supporters, who change the lyrics of the chorus to "Peter Pawlett, baby" after their 22-year-old midfielder. The song is back in the Top 20 at number 19 while it has gone to the top of the charts in Scotland.

Claydee Feat. Ruby - Do It
Mp3: Claydee Feat. Ruby - Do It mp3
Artist: Claydee Feat. Ruby
Song: Do It
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
He is one of the most promising young artists who emerged on the Greek music scene in the last few years and who has already have international hits both as a singer and as a producer and songwriter.

Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
Mp3: Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down mp3
Artist: Rita Ora
Song: I Will Never Let You Down
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
First single from Rita's studio project #2 is the Calvin Harris-produced "I Will Never Let You Down", an 'uplifting love song' as described by Rita. Many say, 'mixing love and work' isn't a good idea, but if that worked for Beyonce and Jay-Z, why can't it work for Rita Ora and Calvin Harris? Should they break up, though, they're going to see listen to "I Will Never Let You Down" with such discomfort in the future!

Lady Gaga - Acoustic
Mp3: Lady Gaga - Acoustic mp3
Artist: Lady Gaga
Song: Acoustic
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American recording artist, activist, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, philanthropist, and actress.

Paramore - Aint It Fun
Mp3: Paramore - Aint It Fun mp3
Artist: Paramore
Song: Aint It Fun
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
"Ain't It Fun" is a song by the American rock band Paramore and is the sixth track from their self-titled fourth album, Paramore. It will the album's fourth single, set to be released to US Top 40/Mainstream radio on February 4, 2014.

Milky Chance - Down By The River
Mp3: Milky Chance - Down By The River mp3
Artist: Milky Chance
Song: Down By The River
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Just take a look at Milky Chance, a group who have gone platinum in Germany whilst only making the merest pinprick here in the UK. Well, that could change pretty soon. The pair's debut album 'Sadnecessary' is set to gain a full British release, with new single 'Down By The River' incoming. An ideal introduction to the duo, 'Down By The River' features plenty of distorted beats (from Philipp Dausch) and some lush songwriting (from Clemens Rehbein).

Sam Smith - Money On My Mind
Mp3: Sam Smith - Money On My Mind mp3
Artist: Sam Smith
Song: Money On My Mind
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
"Money on My Mind" is a single by British singer-songwriter Sam Smith, as the second single from his debut studio album In the Lonely Hour (2014). The song was released in the United Kingdom on 16 February 2014.

The Piano Guys - Let It Go
Mp3: The Piano Guys - Let It Go mp3
Artist: The Piano Guys
Song: Let It Go
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Known for their sweeping YouTube videos as much as their sweeping melodies, The Piano Guys have gained quite a following. Released today is their latest video, which is, of course, their take on Let it Go from Disney's "Frozen."

Zedd - Stay The Night (feat. Hayley Williams)
Mp3: Zedd - Stay The Night (feat. Hayley Williams) mp3
Artist: Zedd
Song: Stay The Night (feat. Hayley Williams)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
"Stay the Night" was released to digital retailers on September 10, 2013 via Interscope Records as the lead single off Clarity: Deluxe Edition, the deluxe edition of Clarity.[1]

Kylie Minogue - Sexercize
Mp3: Kylie Minogue - Sexercize mp3
Artist: Kylie Minogue
Song: Sexercize
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Kylie Minogue has always been the queen of playful innuendo. But with Sia-penned Kiss Me Once track "Sexercize," subtlety flies out the window and lyrics like "stretch it out, baby" and "tomorrow you'll be sore" hit like a lust-charged jackhammer.

Dvbbs - Tsunami (ft. Borgeous)
Mp3: Dvbbs - Tsunami (ft. Borgeous) mp3
Artist: Dvbbs
Song: Tsunami (ft. Borgeous)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
UK rapper Tinie Tempah [@TinieTempah] has unleashed the music video for his collaboration with Canadian production duo DVBBS and US DJ/producer Borgeous entitled Tsunami.

Mia Martina - Go Crazy (ft. Adrian Sina)
Mp3: Mia Martina - Go Crazy (ft. Adrian Sina) mp3
Artist: Mia Martina
Song: Go Crazy (ft. Adrian Sina)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Martina's debut album Devotion was released on August 29, 2011 and reached number 77 on the Canadian Albums Chart. The album earned nominations for Dance Recording of the Year at the 2012 Juno Awards and World Recording of the Year at the 2012 East Coast Music Awards. Two more singles were released off Devotion, "Burning" and "Go Crazy", produced by Adrian Sina of the group Akcent.

Mr Probz - Waves
Mp3: Mr Probz - Waves mp3
Artist: Mr Probz
Song: Waves
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Dennis Princewell Stehr, better known as Mr. Probz, is a Dutch hip hop artist, songwriter and producer of Danish and Antillean descent. He is known for his raps, songs and choruses in both Dutch and English.

Sean Paul - Hey Baby
Mp3: Sean Paul - Hey Baby mp3
Artist: Sean Paul
Song: Hey Baby
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
According to Sean Paul, the title of his sixth album signifies "that this time I'm going fully hard and turning up the levels". If the implication is hard to swallow, it's because Jamaica's pop-dancehall megastar hasn't exactly exercised restraint in his work prior to this. Still, Full Frequency makes good his promise: every track here is calibrated for maximum club impact.

50 Cent - Big Rich Town (feat. Joe)
Mp3: 50 Cent - Big Rich Town (feat. Joe) mp3
Artist: 50 Cent
Song: Big Rich Town (feat. Joe)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
New York City is a Big Rich Town; 50 Cent just happened to come up in one of its grimiest corners. On the latest in his ongoing barrage of dope singles, Curtis Jackson looks back with pride on the Horatio Alger story that has been his life to date. In hard-nosed, yet easygoing verses, he revisits his days as a drug lord with dreams of going legit

Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah (feat. Pitbull)
Mp3: Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah (feat. Pitbull) mp3
Artist: Austin Mahone
Song: Mmm Yeah (feat. Pitbull)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
The discography of Austin Mahone, an American singer-songwriter, consists of one studio album, one extended play album, five singles, two promotional singles, four music videos and other album appearances.

The Wanted - Glow In The Dark
Mp3: The Wanted - Glow In The Dark mp3
Artist: The Wanted
Song: Glow In The Dark
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
It's a shame that everything about 'Glow in the Dark'

Dj Cassidy - Calling All Hearts (ft. Robin Thicke)
Mp3: Dj Cassidy - Calling All Hearts (ft. Robin Thicke) mp3
Artist: Dj Cassidy
Song: Calling All Hearts (ft. Robin Thicke)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
With his debut single, Calling All Hearts, Booth newcomer DJ Cassidy was clearly angling to write that song. On this high-energy cut, the Columbia Records signee's electrifying disco boardwork bangs in the back as Grammy nominee Robin Thicke and UK pop hitmaker Jessie J exercise their powers of persuasion, urging couples to get a little bit closer and wallflowers to abandon their positions on the sidelines.

Shakira - Empire
Mp3: Shakira - Empire mp3
Artist: Shakira
Song: Empire
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
The Colombian performer's hoping to maintain that newly accrued momentum with "Empire," the second single pulled from her upcoming eponymous tenth studio album.

The Chainsmokers - Selfie
Mp3: The Chainsmokers - Selfie mp3
Artist: The Chainsmokers
Song: Selfie
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
It's been a good week for The Chainsmokers! As the New York-based DJ/production duo embarks on its inaugural North American tour, including a March 8 stop in San Francisco, the act's infectious, innocuous first single "#Selfie" became the top debut on Billboard Magazine's current "Hot 100."

John Newman - Out Of My Head
Mp3: John Newman - Out Of My Head mp3
Artist: John Newman
Song: Out Of My Head
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Tribute e il primo album in studio del cantautore britannico John Newman, pubblicato il 14 ottobre 2013 dalla Island Records.

Kelis - Rumble
Mp3: Kelis - Rumble mp3
Artist: Kelis
Song: Rumble
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Food (stylized as FOOD) is the upcoming sixth studio album by American recording artist Kelis, due to be released April 21, 2014. It is her first album to be released under Ninja Tune, which she signed to in 2013. Kelis describes the album as "a kind of unspoken lovefest".

Megan Nicole - Never Wanna Let You Go
Mp3: Megan Nicole - Never Wanna Let You Go mp3
Artist: Megan Nicole
Song: Never Wanna Let You Go
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Making a week already filled with awesome new music even better, Megan Nicole has just released her brand new single 'Never Wanna Let You Go'. After a hugely successful tour earlier this year there was a promise of brand new original songs and that promise has been delivered and will be greatly received.

London Grammar - Hey Now
Mp3: London Grammar - Hey Now mp3
Artist: London Grammar
Song: Hey Now
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
"Hey Now", is a song by London based group London Grammar. The band"s growth has increased over the last year and "Hey Now" is probably their most well-known song.

Mateo - Isso
Mp3: Mateo - Isso mp3
Artist: Mateo
Song: Isso
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Den Kunstlernamen hat Mateo zwar abgelegt, sound- und videotechnisch kommen Fans der erfolgreichen Reggae-/Hip-Hop-Combo Culcha Candela beim ersten Soloausflug des Berliners aber voll auf ihre Kosten: Der Clip zu "Isso" ist, wie man es seit Jahren von der Gruppe kennt, humorvoll und knallbunt. Mit seiner Madels-Crew nimmt der geburtige Pole eine Reihe gangiger Hip-Hop-Klischees auf die Schippe, der Tenor des Songs: das Leben nicht allzu schwer nehmen und alles etwas entspannter angehen.

Angel Haze - Battle Cry (ft. Sia)
Mp3: Angel Haze - Battle Cry (ft. Sia) mp3
Artist: Angel Haze
Song: Battle Cry (ft. Sia)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Her heart warming vocals add a lovely dynamic to the Angel Haze raps. Angel raps with passion, at times a sense of aggression but above all passion. Sometimes this type of deliver can feel unbalanced, unorganised and frankly a little sloppy. Battle Cry is none of those things. The production is first rate, the flow of lyrics from Angel Haze is tight and musically, regardless of the message, Battle Cry is quality.

Joel Compass - Forgive Me
Mp3: Joel Compass - Forgive Me mp3
Artist: Joel Compass
Song: Forgive Me
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
As if collaborating with Pusha T wasn't enough, Joel Compass has been in the studio with Pharrell. New single 'Forgive Me' stakes its claim

Trey Songz - Na Na
Mp3: Trey Songz - Na Na mp3
Artist: Trey Songz
Song: Na Na
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Tremaine "Trey" Aldon Neverson (born November 28, 1984), better known by his stage name Trey Songz, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper, and actor.

Luke Bryan - Play It Again
Mp3: Luke Bryan - Play It Again mp3
Artist: Luke Bryan
Song: Play It Again
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
'Play It Again', the fourth single from Luke Bryan's fourth studio album 'Crash My Party', is sadly not as good as his previous single 'Drink A Beer'. After becoming known as one of the key perpetrators of the ugly phenomenon known as “bro-country”, songs 'Crash My Party' and 'That's My Kind of Night' set the precedent for the album, which is chock full of cliched laundry-list truck tracks that have no differentiation between each other and redeeming musical qualities either. 'Drink A Beer' was different in that it was actually heartfelt and had some substance (it was a gentle ballad about the coping mechanisms following the discovery of a loved one's passing), but 'Play It Again' returns to the age-old narrative of getting drunk with a hot girl. 'Cause obviously that's all working people do these days. Peppered with electronic devices such as synths and a drum machine, it has a decidedly pop/R&B feel (though remembers to include some electric guitars just to “assure you” of its countryness) and lives in the generic, complete with repetitive cyclical melody, major key (plus minor chords for “suspense”) and a compressed banjo very low in the mix. The choruses, full production guitars/drums and belted vocals, do nothing to make 'Play It Again' sound any different from any other songs on the album, or any other songs on the radio, for that matter. It's not distinctive, it's just boring.

Meridian Dan - German Whip (feat. Big H Jme)
Mp3: Meridian Dan - German Whip (feat. Big H Jme) mp3
Artist: Meridian Dan
Song: German Whip (feat. Big H Jme)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Best known for his 2013 track 'German Whip', Meridian Dan's been a minor cult hero in grime circles for years. Pre-'German Whip', he was merely called Dan, and was a peripheral member of Skepta and JME's pre-Roll Deep / Boy Better Know group Meridian Crew. His most notable moment back then was a verse on Skepta's underground anthem 'Private Caller' (2.30 here), but despite spending most of his post-'Private Caller' years focusing on boxing, one big track has put him firmly back in the limelight.

A Great Big World - Say Something (ft. Christina Aguilera)
Mp3: A Great Big World - Say Something (ft. Christina Aguilera) mp3
Artist: A Great Big World
Song: Say Something (ft. Christina Aguilera)
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Following its usage on American reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance, the track gained attention from singer Christina Aguilera, who wanted to be featured on the song. Quickly afterwards, Aguilera appeared on the re-recorded version of "Say Something", released on November 4, 2013.

Dapper Laughs - Proper Moist
Mp3: Dapper Laughs - Proper Moist mp3
Artist: Dapper Laughs
Song: Proper Moist
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Dapper Laughs (born Daniel O'Reilly) is a cockney comedian specialising in Girls, Dates, Mates, Banter, Work, Sex and Family.

Michael Jackson - I Am A Loser
Mp3: Michael Jackson - I Am A Loser mp3
Artist: Michael Jackson
Song: I Am A Loser
Ringtone: (Ad) Ringtone
Xscape is the upcoming second posthumous compilation album of previously unreleased tracks by American recording artist Michael Jackson. It will be released on May 13, 2014 by Epic Records. Xscape is the second album of new material to be released by Sony Music Entertainment since Michael Jackson's death in late June 2009.

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